Create Studioworks Maternity Photography Silhouette


9 Months to Mom

Create Studioworks Maternity Photography Silhouette

A New Maternity Photography Service - Just for mom's-to-be!

At Create Studioworks, we take pride in offering new services to bring some extra creativity into your life! We intend to do just that with our new maternity photography service! 

Our goal is always to help you create memories and decorate your home with them, so we built a service to make that part easy for you!

“9 Months to Mom” is a new program for mom’s-to-be to come into the studio once a month throughout their pregnancy to take a progress photo. At the end of the program, we deliver to you a 12-month calendar for the following year as well as a 20×20 framed print with a 9-Up mat for all of your images!

What is the cost?

The cost is broken down over the 9 months at $100 per month!

Each month includes a 15-minute session in-studio or in-home along with a full retouch of the images each month. 

One final image per month will be chosen, by you, to add to the final framed print and calendar!

Each session can vary to however you see fit, after all, we are decorating your home!

What comes next?

The best thing you can do after your maternity photography extravaganza is to follow up with a newborn session! We love to create art for your newborn’s nursery, and recommend you schedule yours for the first week of their little lives!

Plus, we tend to help our returning customers out for being so good to us. *wink-wink*

How do I start?!

Use the link below to book your consultation!

This step helps us to get to know you and your family, and determine what you are looking for.

At Create Studioworks, we dedicate time to building a relationship with all of our clients. All we want to do is help you make your life-long memories!

Still have questions?

Feel free to head over to our Contact Us page and shoot us an email! 

We will get back to you as soon as possible with answers!

Until then, Stay Happy, Stay Healthy, and Keep Making Memories!

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