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Ed and Jason Tie The Knot!

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Where it all began…

Because who doesn’t enjoy a good ole’ love story?

Ed and Jason first met in 2016 after matching on match.com! After a few days of conversation, they agreed to exchange numbers and eventually have their first date!

June 22nd, 2016

Ed and Jason met outside Discovery Times Square to view the Star Wars and the Power of Costume exhibition that was being held at the time. They were early, so naturally, a trip to Starbucks was in order! With an iced venti green tea on the docket, conversation ensued, natural as could be. After almost an hour in the exhibit, they made way to their first dinner together. To finish the night, they walked the length of the High Line and headed back to Penn Station. As with any good romance, the night ended with their first kiss.

Time goes on…

While living a good distance away from one another, more and more dates ensued. Then came time to meet each other’s parents in August of 2016! A year passes with nothing but good times, and so, the next step came to be.

The proposal…

As Ed showed up to Jason’s apartment, he hears Jason yell “Do not come in!!!” Jason told Ed to close his eyes for a surprise. Ed is led into Jason’s living room, where heart-shaped post-it notes lined the walls, each one describing what he loves about Ed. Ending with a photo slideshow of the last year of their lives together, Jason used the final page to propose to Ed.

The Wedding!

After taking a few years to save their funds and tie the knot, Covid-19 came into play. Despite the pandemic and a smaller wedding party than initially planned for, Ed and Jason decided to continue on with the wedding. With an intimate ceremony in the Queens Botanical Garden in Flushing, New York, Ed and Jason’s families had the opportunity to be with them as they spoke their vows and made it official. With a two-tiered cake from Butterfly Bakeshop, gourmet cookies from Bang Cookies, and family by their side, Ed and Jason enjoyed the day that will forever last in their memories.

New Beginnings

Through one another, Ed and Jason had the opportunity to find themselves, find family, discover how to love and be loved, and look forward to the many years they will have together.

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