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How To Prepare For Your Corporate Headshot Photography

Kevin Ryan

Booking a photography session for your corporate headshot can be exciting and a little scary. You will have to decide what to wear, what look you’re going for, hairstyle, etc. Photographers always do as much as possible to make you look your best in your professional headshots, but you still need to be prepared for your shoot to have success and produce a final photo that you love. Let’s talk about some ways you can prepare for your upcoming corporate photography session. 

Plan ahead For Your Appointment

Be sure to keep your day as open as possible when you schedule your headshot photo appointment. You will want to be as relaxed as possible, avoiding rushing and stress if you can. The photography session could take longer than you planned for. You need to be able to stay focused during your photoshoot. Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before your photography session. Try to schedule your appointment early, mid-morning so you look refreshed. You want to look well-rested in your final photo. 

Consult With Your Photographer

Talk to your photographer about the way you want your pictures to look. Tell them about your profession and the way you want to be perceived in your corporate headshot. Look at some old photos of yourself and see what you liked or didn’t like about them. Decide which pictures you like better than others and why. Look at which clothing colors and backgrounds work best for you. Determine what hairstyles you like best. Sharing these details will help your photographer capture the look and tone you want to achieve in that final frame. Email a photographer today and see what they can do for you. 

Deciding What To Wear To Your Session

Consider location and background when choosing what to wear to your photography session. Find out if other team members are coordinating on a uniform color for tops or jackets. You want a clean, simple, well-pressed look. Solid colors and hues (darker than your skin tone) or simple designs are ideal. A scarf or tie is suitable but you should stick with solid colors for these additions as well. Wear comfortable clothing that fits you and wear long sleeves. Bare arms are often a distraction 

What To Avoid When Getting Ready For Your Photo

Keep jewelry and accessories to a minimum. Don’t wear clothing with loud or busy prints, stripes, florals, or plaids that distract from your face. Avoid visible logos and images as well. Choose a hairstyle and overall look that you’re comfortable with. Trying something new that you’re unsure about might not be a good idea. Don’t put on makeup that glitters or sparkles too much in the light.  

Having great corporate headshots is essential. It shows customers who they’re dealing with and gives the company a more formal image. Quality professional photos make businesses stand out from the competition and present themselves in the best possible light. Now you can be fully prepared for a successful corporate headshot photo session. If you are ready to give your company a more uniform image or just do something new and creative, Create Studioworks can help you get the best corporate headshot possible.