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Three Reasons You Need A Professional Headshot

Create Studioworks Professional Headshots

The Headshot

A professional headshot accomplishes a few things for anyone pursuing their career. Now, I know what you are thinking. “I hate getting in front of a camera.” Well, so do I, but unfortunately, that is not a good enough reason to bypass a good headshot. Luckily, we make getting a good headshot quick and painless at our professional headshot day events. Our next one occurs on 2/27/2021! Enough of the advertising, let’s get down to WHY you need a professional headshot!

Reason #1

A professional headshot conveys exactly that, professionalism!

When getting your headshot taken, you want to look your best, like you do on the day-to-day at work. Stick to your work attire, whether it’s a sweatshirt or a suit jacket. Get your hair done a few days before, and do not go and shave right before, unless you want irritated red skin, and want to aggravate your photographer’s retouched. Don’t panic about fuzz or any discolorations, or breakfast food stains, we can handle that part! Oh, and bring your current business card so we can do our best to get your backgrounds to match!

Reason #2

Your headshot portrays your personality!!!

Whether you rock a big smile or a straight and serious look, people will read your personality in this photo, so make sure you get it right.

Lucky for you, there are tons of mirrors in our studio, and we are going to coach you the entire time to nail the look that suits you.

Reason #3

It will boost your confidence!

At Create Studioworks, we are surely not in the business of making you look your worst. So expect your best!

When you see the end result, your confidence is going to sky-rocket! A new, up-to-date headshot on LinkedIn, Social Pages, Websites, and Business Cards will help you get rid of your “head-trash” as I like to call it. So let’s get rid of all of that self-doubt!


There are TONS of reasons to invest in a great headshot, and while we only list a few, we have dropped a few headshots below so you can see exactly what we mean!

Keep in mind, our next Discounted Professional Headshot Day is this Saturday, 2/27/2021!

Book your spot while there are still some available!

We look forward to seeing you, and until then, stay happy, stay healthy, and keep making memories!

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