Professional Headshot Day!

Professional Headshots

Professional headshots  are  a great way to put a face to the name. if you are looking for a shot to represent your business as well as your personality, you have come to the right place! On October 2nd, 2020 we will be hosting a professional headshot day. On this day you can come in for a quick 15 minute session, get 5 high resolution photos, and pay a fraction of the price of a regular headshot.

How To Prepare

To prepare you for professional headshot day, we have come up with a quick list of what you need to do.


Plan your attire accordingly, and bring a backup shirt to change into. Sessions are only 15 minutes each, so prepare to move quickly. When choosing your clothing, avoid  busy fabric patterns that distract the eyes. Also avoid shirts with logos or brand markings, as you want your headshot to be a representation of yourself, not a marketing ploy! 


Take care of your skin! Do your best to stay hydrated and eat healthy for the days prior to your session. This will help your skin stay smooth and clear and avoid water retention. Avoid spending too much time in the sun, and make sure you get your rest! Taking care of your skin before hand makes for less unnecessary editing later!


It’s haircut time. Choose a haircut or hairstyle at least a week before the session. Choose a style that you normally sport so you look as your headshot will down the road! A simple, well maintained style works best, and if possible, do your best to avoid fly away hairs, although these are easily removable in post!


Facial hair! Gentleman, do your best to have a clean edged shave, but avoid shaving right before you arrive if you have sensitive skin. Ladies, avoid plucking eyebrows before hand for the same reason. You want your face to be the least irritated for your session so we can get your best look!


Clean those teeth! We aren’t just talking about brushing here. If you are squeezing your session into your busy day, you are likely eating on the run. Before you arrive double check to make sure you have nothing (don’t worry, we will tell you if you do) and do your best to avoid anything that will stain your teeth beforehand. If you have the ability to do so, have your teeth professionally cleaned, if not, do not worry, as we can handle cleaning and whitening in Photoshop!


Nails do matter! There is always the chance that we catch your best personality shot with your hands in frame, so be ready for it! Ladies, stick to a neutral tone that won’t cause a distraction, and gents, do a quick trim to keep them nice and neat!


Finally, take a deep breath and let us do the leg work. You now know you look your best, so you can leave it to us to get the rest right! Don’t be afraid to tell us if you have a particular shot in mind that you are wanting to recreate, communication is key to make sure you get exactly what you came for! Feel free to ask questions and try new ideas as we travel through our session! 

The Details.

Professional headshot day is going to consist of a 15 minute session. During this time we will capture the best angles and looks that portray your personality, and you will choose the best 5 images for us to post process! Once the session is over you will receive an invoice for your session, and once paid you will receive your high-resolution images for your personal and professional use! The best part – we are only charging $50.00 per session! Our standard headshot session STARTS at $225.00 on any other day! This is almost 80% off the normal price, so don’t miss out!
Image processing takes 1-2 weeks and you will receive them via a digital gallery and will be supplied with a download pin to keep them forever!
Want more images? We can do that! All images after the first 5 are $35.00 for a full retouch!
Take a look at our high end retouching below!
If you want to book your time slot today, click here!

Thanks for stopping by, and we look forward to seeing you on professional headshot day!

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