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Why Is A Quality Professional Headshot Important?

Kevin Ryan

Professionals around the world have time and time again, acquired a headshot early in their careers and sat on that headshot for years to come. As time goes on, they are more and more inclined to keep that headshot for the sake of “looking younger” or “not having to deal with getting a new one.”

From almost every headshot client that walks through my doors, I hear some version of this storyline. Today, we will go over why this isn’t the best of ideas and why getting an updated headshot can not only benefit your career, but your confidence as well.

Why Is The Headshot Important?

Headshots show the world who you are.

Your headshot is the one thing on a resume, social site, or business card that can truly show your personality and establish a level of professionalism to whomever is viewing it.

Not only that, but it allows the viewer to get to know who they may be looking for in a room, instead of using the old guess and check method – let’s be honest, we have all been there.

A headshot can also establish trust in potential clientele. It shows you are willing to put a face to the name and that you stand by all that you say and do.

Think about it – would you be more willing to buy from someone who attaches their face to their brand or from someone who isn’t listed on any part of a website or social media page in existence.

Knowing who you are working with is now and forever will be vital.

If You Look Good, You Feel Good

A new, clean, impressive headshot can bring out your confidence.

Who doesn’t like a good photo of themselves?

Don’t get me wrong, there is a reason why I opt to stand behind the camera, pictures just aren’t my thing – or at least so I thought.

Having worked with other photographers who brought out all of the best angles I didn’t know I had helped greatly. It took out the fear of what everyone else’s opinions may have been simply because I liked them better than any photo I had prior.

In any case, confidence is crucial if you have your eyes set on continuous growth in your career.

If you are hanging on to an old headshot out of fear of looking older or simply have forgotten to keep up with it, feel free to book a phone consultation with us and see what we have to offer.

We are always happy to walk you through the process and get you a final product that you are proud to show off.