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3 Things To Discuss With Your Event Photographer

Kevin Ryan

Planning an event can be time consuming and stressful. Here are a few topics to discuss with your photographer that will help create an easy going and memorable experience without all of the stress.

Bat Mitzvah Danfords Long Island
Final Products

Knowing what you want as an end result is crucial to the capture process. You could have plans for a large framed print, or a nice lay flat book, but without the correct content, designing your final product can be rather difficult. Let your photographer know what your end goals are so they can create a shot list that covers exactly what you are looking for.


Having the timeline for the event is important for many reasons. During your pre-event consultation, have your full detailed timeline prepared and ready to go. Having access to the run down for the day allows your photographer to plan everything accordingly, from the second you walk in the room right down to the final shots of the night. If you don’t want to be pulled away from your cocktail hour, if you want all of your extended family photographed prior to the event start, if you have special dances or ceremonies, all of these details need to be disclosed as early as possible for the best result! Don’t be afraid to be specific!

Top Priorities

Every event has its priorities. The special dances, candle ceremonies, religious ceremonies, surprise visitors you name it. This can even include specific captures with certain family members, friends etc. Not only should this be a part of the itinerary and shot list, but it should be right at the top of the event notes. Discussing the importance of these items will keep them at the top of your photographers brain for the duration of the event and can help create captures you may not have thought of.

Bat Mitzvah Danfords Long Island

In general, most events can have a similar run down, but a great event photographer will be able to personalize the experience and create captures for you and your family to remember for a lifetime. For any event, always schedule a pre-event consultation around a week prior to the event to dial in any last minute details.