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Welcome to Create Studioworks!

Hi There!

My name is Kevin, I own and operate Create Studioworks! After seven years in the photography industry, I decided to turn my old part time photography business into a new, thriving photography studio located right here on Long Island!

It all started when I was young!

My father has owned a freelance news business for a long time, Stringer News Service to be exact. Naturally, being around a news business my entire life, my interest in videography began. I spent many years learning everything about videography, video cameras, b-roll, sound bytes, you name it, I learned it. Eventually I became of age to actually get in on the action, and be a part of the team.

Through the years of working for my father, I realized I had peaked an interest in adding photography into my skill set. I made a purchase and got to work. Through trial and error and many, many terrible photos, I started to teach myself the basics of photography (with a little help from the internet, of course). As my knowledge of photography grew, so did my confidence and experience.

The time came to purchase a real, professional grade DSLR. The Nikon D850 happened to be on the radar for release. And so, the purchase had been made. With the brand new toy, I purchased the new G2 lineup from Tamron.

It was at this point that I decided to really make use of this equipment and start my own brand. From this, I built KRY Photography. While KRY Photography was a fun experience, I considered it only a start. I wanted something bigger, something better. Alas, Create Studioworks came to be.

My Goal

With Create Studioworks, I plan to use my experience and knowledge to not only deliver the best products, but to also pass this experience on to new photographers. To see to this, I also created a photography club for photographers of all backgrounds and skill levels! You can join the club by clicking here.

What do we do?

At Create Studioworks, we strive to deliver only the finest work. Day after day, we continue to advance our photographic knowledge to keep up with the latest practices, products, and trends. With this, we will always deliver nothing but the best. From poses to post-process, we will cover every last detail to ensure that we hand you a piece of art that will last you a lifetime.

We work with a professional print lab to get our work printed perfectly the first time, every time. Photographic prints, canvas, acrylic, metal, you name it, we get it done.

What do we cover?

We will handle anything you can throw at us! Engagements, weddings, maternity announcements, graduations, headshots, portraits and more! Looking for commercial work? We also handle real estate, product photography, and corporate headshots! Check out more of our services here!

Create Studioworks

We welcome you to stop by our studio at any time to chat with us about your next session, or just to say hi! Our staff is very friendly and will always make sure you have fun during your sessions with us while making sure we get down to business and take your stress away!

We are happy to have you all join us on this journey!

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy, and Keep on Shooting!