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What Are Easy Book Mini Sessions And Why Are They Important?

Kevin Ryan

New York City has always been known for it’s fast-paced environment and without a doubt Long Island follows suit. For the last two years, we have been working to determine how we can offer a fast paced, reasonably priced session without all of the consultations, and still deliver top quality images. With all of this in mind, we came up with our new Easy Book Mini Sessions, and we think you are going to love them!

islip grange mini sessions
What Is An Easy Book Mini Session?

An easy book mini session is a completely meeting-less booking process at some of our favorite Long Island photography locations with our top photographers. Each session is 20-minutes long and has a session fee of $79.00. This allows us to keep our photographers and clients happy! Similar to a traditional mini session, our photographers will be on site for a 4 hour block of time around golden hour.

What Is The Pricing Structure Per Image?

To keep things simple and straight forward, we developed 3 main package options, individual images, 15-image pack, and a full gallery.

For individual high resolution digital files, the starting price is $15.00 each. After a set amount of images, a small discount kicks in to keep prices reasonable and affordable.

The 15-image pack comes in at $210.00 and the full gallery (25+ images) lands at $325.00.


What kind of sessions are covered?

As you can imagine, only certain types of sessions are going to fit into a 20-minute block of time. Individual portraits, family portraits, and simple outdoor headshots will fit best into this category. Family portraits work great for anyone with small kids. On average, we tend to hold the little ones attention for a max of 15-20 minutes before they go bananas, so these short sessions fit the bill.

What locations are offered?

To start off, we are going to offer five of our favorite Long Island locations.

  1. Prosser Pines, Middle Island, NY
  2. Harborfront Park, Port Jefferson, NY
  3. Northport Park, Northport, NY
  4. Islip Grange, Sayville, NY
  5. Argyle Park, Babylon, NY

These locations all offer a lot of different looks, while remaining small enough to cover the entire park in 20 minutes time with no issues.

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Long Island remains a fast paced environment, but this doesn’t mean we should give up on creating memories that will last lifetimes. With our easy book mini options, we hope to give this possibility back to the busy-bees of the world. Subscribe to our email list for more notifications on when our mini sessions become available! We hope to see you soon!