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Cake Smash Photography at Create Studioworks in Selden, New York with Photographer Kevin Ryan
Cake Smash Photography at Create Studioworks in Selden, New York with Photographer Kevin Ryan

Once In A Lifetime Milestone

Here it is – Your child’s first birthday. It came faster than you expected, right? Don’t panic, we are here to help! The first birthday milestone is often paired with a one-of-a-kind cake smash session. For these sessions, we build a stage around the theme of your choosing. You supply the decor, and we put it all together for you! We do not supply cakes for health and safety reasons!

This session lasts roughly an hour in length and includes one outfit change. We start the session with your standard portraits –  you know, while they’re still clean. Halfway through the session, or until our little subject decides they are over it, we introduce the smash cake. An outfit change can be done prior to bringing the cake in if so desired. This is when the magic happens!

Your little one gets to enjoy a whole cake, and make a mess all at the same time. Bring extra clothing, baby wipes, and a towel or two to clean up after! Once you have your clean baby, you are good to go, we handle the rest of the cleaning!

24-48 Hours after your session you will receive your gallery where you will choose your favorite photos from a proofing set and decide on additional products. Once that is finished up, we work our magic and get your products to you and you get to decorate your walls with beautiful images of your child’s first birthday! Simple as that!

Why A Cake Smash Session?

A cake smash session is more than just a delightful mess; it’s a vibrant celebration of a child’s first foray into independence and exploration. Here are a few compelling reasons to consider capturing this moment:

  1. Unique Memories: The candid reactions, be it gleeful laughter or curious exploration of the cake’s texture, are unrepeatable and incredibly endearing. These spontaneous moments are invaluable keepsakes.

  2. Milestone Celebration: Marking the end of the baby year and the beginning of toddlerhood, a cake smash stands as a rite of passage, embodying the child’s growth and budding personality.

  3. Artistic Keepsake: Beyond the candid shots, the session’s theme, decorations, and the cake itself can be tailored to create an aesthetic representation of your child’s interests or the family’s sentiments, making it a personalized work of art.

  4. Joyful Experience: For the child, it’s a rare occasion of uninhibited play and indulgence. For the parents and family, it’s a moment of shared joy, watching their little one gleefully dive into their first cake.

In essence, a cake smash session is a perfect blend of fun, nostalgia, and artistry, capturing a fleeting moment in a child’s life with lasting beauty.

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