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What makes a portrait session is not simply the click of a button on a high-end camera or a colorful scene with a fancy outfit. A portrait session is made of emotion. When we create an image, we are drawn to that emotion. Our individual, pet, and family portrait photographers know exactly how to draw that emotion out of you, whether you are nervous, shy, or a super extrovert. Our team will coach you through your session using prompts and poses to bring life to your vision and provide you with a final product you would be proud to hang on the walls of your home. From family portraits to fashion and modeling, our team has experience in every niche, bringing endless possibilities to the table.

Individual Portrait Photography

Let our portrait photographers lead the way and help you plan the perfect portrait session. Whether you want to update your modeling portfolio or want to hang a beautiful wall portrait in your home, we have you covered throughout the process. During your consultation, our experts will take your vision and create a pathway to get you to the end result. 

Long Island Studio Portrait Photography
Long Island Photography Studio Family Portrait

Family Portrait Photography

Want to create that great capture to fill in the gap on your wall? Our professional family portrait photographers would love nothing more than to help! Family is what matters most in life, and creating memories with family is priceless. Let our team capture the essence of your family and create a timeless piece that will be handed from generation to generation. Remember, “Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.” -Michael J. Fox.

Pet Portrait Photography

The walls of your home should be covered with your family and the memories you share with one another. That means ALL of your family! We didn’t forget about your furry friends! Our portrait photographers have worked with dogs, cats, horses, birds, and more! Bring your good boys and girls on in or let us come to you, we don’t mind!

Long Island Photography Studio Pet Portraits

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