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Professional Headshots on Long Island by Create Studioworks Photographer Kevin Ryan
Professional Branding Headshots
Professional Headshot ERAS Medical Residency Application
Create Studioworks Professional Headshot by Kevin Ryan
Professional Medical Residency Headshot ERAS

Professional Headshots Long Island

How’s your professional headshot looking? Does it capture your energy and personality? If it doesn’t, it’s not doing its job right. Your headshot should showcase your personality, professionalism, and more. It’s time to take control of your professional image with a fresh headshot.

Here at Create Studioworks, we’re all about empowering you. Our sessions are relaxed and flexible, with no time limits and as many outfit changes as you need. We’ll guide you through the process, helping you express your personality in each shot.

Since we’re not watching the clock, we can really focus on what makes a headshot stand out. We’ll guide you through everything – expressions, poses, angles – the stuff you don’t need to stress about. Working together, we’ll ensure your headshot brings out your best traits.

After Your Professional Headshot Session

At the end of the session, we’ll review the images together. You get to choose your final shots then and there, giving you complete control over the final cost, based on the number of images you choose.

We understand everyone has different needs, and our a la carte approach ensures you’re not overcommitting or undercommitting in terms of what you require. You can make your decision on the day.

Each chosen image will undergo high-end retouching and be delivered in high-resolution, along with optimized sizes for your social media needs.

$235 Session Fee Plus
$50 Per Image

Your professional headshot session will have no time limit, unlimited outfit changes, session preparation materials, top-tier coaching and final image selection at the end of or after the session. All delivered images will go through our high-end hand retouching process and your session will include one final image in the base package, but you can add more on an a la carte basis after the session, just in case you love more!

Professional Headshot on White Background

Commercial Group Rates Available

Looking to capture professional headshots for your entire team? No problem!

Schedule a consultation with us to discuss your project at length and receive a custom quote for your group session.

Show consistency across your team and give your clients ease of mind by showing a unified, reliable and professional front.

This is the go to option for any law, medical, financial, or big team clientele!


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